At times we see exotically designed websites overwhelming us and driving us to explore them further. However when we try to find the wanted information, we find it so complex that we click to some other website to access the required piece of information. In other words, it is a loss of potential customer, because of the bad user experience (UX) design. Do you want this to happen to your business? If not then you should hire our services at Digitify to get a simple to use user interface (UI) and perfectly representable UX design so that you never loose a potential customer.

UI in information technology is referred to as the design of the user interface for the applications, websites. It is all about programming how things look like with a view in mind to facilitate the usability and experience of the users.

It may also be defined as the features of an application or a device enabling the users to interact with. For instance, you are about to fill a company’s form on the website. In this scenario your user interface would be a dialog box, having a drop down list, a radio button and other components allowing you to enter the data in the system.   

Art of

Why is UI and UX designing significant for websites?

An appreciated user interface is significant that it makes target audience to clearly see what products you have to offer to them. The UX/UI designed focusing this factor displays the products and services offered by you without any ambiguity to attract the attention of the visitors and keep them engaged on your official site.

Hence in simple terms, UI is important because it may convert your potential leads to end users. The reason is that it eases the interaction between your website or mobile applications and the users.

On the other hand UX simply means “user experience”. It is determined by how users interact with the app. In order to make smooth functioning of the apps and websites, these need to be interactive. Interactive site and apps amuse the users with the sense that they are accomplishing their tasks in an effective manner. Therefore user experience is determined by how difficult or easy it is for the users to interact with the UI elements.  

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Our specialty related to UI/UX designing:

We are aware of the fact that UI is the point where users interact with the software and applications they use. Therefore, we offer UX/UI design to our valued customers that are a compressive blend of visual design, information architecture, and interaction design.

Let us explain to you how we ensure these aforementioned features:

Visual Design:

When it is about ornamental value of an application or website, we ensure that visual design is strategically implemented. We do it with the facilitation of elements such as colors, fonts, images and several other things. When all this is professionally done, visual design makes the final page elegant without compromising on the context and functionality of the page.

Information architecture:

It is done to facilitate the users to find the required info to complete the activity under consideration. In simple words, the information architecture involves structuring, labelling, and organisation of the web content. We do it in a way to make things easily accessible as well as sustainable.                          

Interactive design:

Interactive deign is the one that takes care of how users interact with the technology under usage in the form of web as well as mobile applications. Afterwards it creates logic of these interactions in order to create an interface complying with the behaviours of the consumers that are well thought about. We completely understand that interactive design not only anticipates the interaction with the user via system but also fixes the problems in normal time. We also provide new ways of interacting and responding to the users.

Elements of

Elements of UI/UX:

Users expect of UI and UX to behave and respond in certain manner. Therefore, when we at Digitify design a UI/UX, it is predictable, consistent, and concise. It not only enhances the efficiency of task completion and reinforces the user satisfaction.

We make use of multiple elements for functional UI. Some of these are as follows:

  • Input controls such as checkboxes, toggles, and buttons etc
  • Navigation components e.g. sliders, icons, breadcrumb, and search fields etc
  • Information components, for instance; notifications, tooltips, progress bars, and message box and much more
  • Elements that are call to action
  • Containers that include the accordion

Our best practices about UI/UX design:

We completely understand how to design the best UI. The reason is because we understand the preferences, tendencies, skills and goals of the users. We adopt the following practices to design best UI for our valuable clients:

Simple Interface:

We ensure simple interface for the business using clear language and avoiding inessential elements.      


We maintain it by making use of the most common elements of UI. These should be the ones that users are familiar with. It ensures that things are done in a speedy manner. At the same time it guarantees user gratification and comfort.  

Page layouts:

We make use of the purposeful yet smart layouts.

Colours and textures:

Our team of professionals makes appropriate blend of the colours and textures to draw the attention of the users to certain component

Enhance readability and legibility of the content:

We make use of the typeface in order to add to the legibility and readability of the content

Use of defaults:

We use defaults to reduce the burden of the users wherever they are appropriate

In short our dedicated team designs the user journey in one of the easiest ways possible. These designs are one of the key success parameters for your business and we will ensure that you have the best one possible based on modern trends and latest UX/UI research. Our team of professionals work in close proximity with our clients to ensure everything is done meeting customised requirements of the customers.

It cannot be denied that if a business wants to be successful in today’s technology driven world, it needs to ensure online presence. It is best done by having an official website. The website is no doubt a 24/7 outlet that does not stop working. Hence it needs to be simple and user friendly so that you don’t lose a customer only because he or she could not find the relevant information easily.

Hiring our services will prevent you from worrying how your UX/UI should be. We will ensure UX/UI to be clear, straight forward and user friendly so that your website facilitates turning potential leads in to buyers of your products and services.      

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