We know it well that a website is one of the most significant components of any company’s marketing plan. It is considered to be central hub for the messaging as well as content marketing efforts. All the other marketing material needs to support, comply and be a source of driving traffic to our website. Website design and developmental technologies have progressed over the period of time and hence we see digital tools more and more in number with every passing day.

Social media platforms, mobile, and blogs enable the businesses (smaller, medium, and bigger) and nonprofit organisations to attract and engage the target market and then convert the leads in to end users with the help of a well-designed website.


We at Digitify work with you to come up with a pleasant user experience which will facilitate you in amusing the audience with value. By value we mean repeated visits and referrals through social media as well as other media channels. It is our years of research and experience that Digitify’s web designs are customised to facilitate in achieving the customised marketing goals and online presence. Our development solutions meet the customised needs of our valued customers as well.

In order to serve maximum number of clients, we not only serve on national but on international level too. We are based in Oslo, however our international clients will find us at their service anytime too.  

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Customised web designs and development solutions:

We excel in developing landing pages for individuals as well as businesses. As living in today’s technologically driven world, people tend to get fed up of reading longer texts; we amuse our valued customers with professional one pager landing web pages. We also have huge experience in producing websites of a couple of pages only. Our main focus has always been on the web apps development, customised web solutions, as well as content management systems.

If you are looking forward to have online booking systems, online stores, marketplaces etc; even then you will be hiring the right professionals with us. In other words we proudly claim to design and develop almost any kind of desired and customised web based solutions for our clients.

We do all this equally for small businesses, medium or larger well established giants. We believe in serving the maximum number of clients and hence it does not matter if you own a small business, a giant venture or a startup. For us, all clients are valuable and we will serve you to our best.

Qualified professionals:

No company can work until and unless it has highly qualified professionals. These professionals not only have relevant experience but have set of skills that are needed to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.

Here once again we at Digitfy have human resources that have huge experience of serving different kinds of demands, forwarded by the clients. Our team of highly professional experts makes use of the tech stack such as MEAN, MERN, PHP/MySQL, Wix or wordpress etc.

You just name the technique and we will provide you a specialist professional member of our team to serve your needs. You will never find us saying we do not provide web design and web solution in certain platform or language. The credit goes to our highly experienced professionals serving customised needs and requirements of the clients from different industries. 

Another good thing about our team is that they serve the customers equally useful either they are hired as in house team or as an outsource contractor. They have been trained in a way where the purpose is to serve the customer no matter what it takes. Though we are based in Oslo, we tend to serve our customers offshore too. This simply means that we offer services at international level.                          

Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

Making use of the agile methodology, we prefer early prototyping and that is where some of the projects land on MVP development. This enables us to serve our customers according to the latest situation related to the implementation of ideas and budget. Following these, we become capable of providing feasible solutions to our clients.

Free logo designs:

For our clients of web as well as mobile app development, we offer free logo designs. Companies take pride in what they do and hence we proudly share our testimonials with our potential customers. We have our portfolio, social media pages and testimonials accessible here and there to earn trust of our leads.

Outsource the project or hire us in house:

We completely understand that different customers have different needs. Therefore, it depends on you if you want to outsource your project to us or you want to have us on board as in house team.

We are claiming this because we have a team of consistent and competent people with latest skill set to perform different designing and development activities. So we are equally comfortable if you outsource our services or hire us an inbuilt team; we will meet your requirements in every possible manner at our best.

This serves perfect as we offer services on international basis as we are based in Oslo but offer services to different countries too.

Therefore, it does not matter which industry you serve, either you run a small business or a bigger one; either you want web designing or development; we are there for you to ensure you get customised solutions for your web development and designing. All you need to do is to contact us via call (+47 939 444 77) or write an email (hello@digitify.no) to us; and our representative will get in touch with you. You will describe what you expect of us and we will ensure that it is turned into reality in the form of the latest web design for your business meeting your customised requirements.

Hiring us you will not have to worry about your web designing and development. You will not regret having us on board. Tell us about your idea or project, and get a free estimate regarding time and money it can take for your product.

All you need to do is to CONTACT US now and GET STARTED TODAY